Winamp and H.264

Hey folks, I thought I’d ask this somewhere else, but then I realized… this is a torrent site for videos, so you probably all know way more than me about such funky things as codecs…

I occasionally come across some decent stuff encoded in H.264, and everything plays gorgeously for me in VLC, no matter the file format or whatever, usually.

But I like to bust out the Winamp from time to time, being that it basically does a good job for music and most video formats.

However, it just won’t give me video for certain files, and the weird thing is that I have a codec installed for it, CoreAVC Pro.

So what’s the deal? How come I can’t get Winamp to play stuff correctly despite having a codec?

I can’t get H.264 to run at all on my computer, it’s way too choppy

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